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All Natural Arthritis Pain Relief Salve

Tom here with good news you may be able to relate to!

I have found a safe, all natural rub on salve that eliminates or greatly reduces my chronic shoulder, arm, and wrist pain.

I have been a dedicated full-time active crutch user for over 65 years since I had polio. Believe me when I say that my shoulders do not owe me a thing! However, 10 years ago I was diagnosed with end stage arthritis in both shoulders along with advanced carpal tunnel inflammation in both wrists. There is no surgical procedure that will work with my condition. 

Over the years I have relied on Aleve and other painkillers to give me relief and help me sleep. Unfortunately, I developed a bleeder in my stomach and was told to stop all analgesics. I had no choice but to find some alternative painkiller that has no negative side effects. Fortunately I discovered this amazing salve. I have been using it daily for the last year with amazingly consistent pain relief with no side effects.

I apply a small amount of this salve to my shoulders, arms, wrists and hands in the morning and typically that keeps me pain free for most of the day. Then at night before I go to sleep I apply it again and that gets me a good night of uninterrupted sleep.

I have tried several brands and have settled on FlowerChild because of its organic ingredients and 2 different strengths. I typically use the 350 mg. strength unless I have extreme pain, when I switch to the 1000 mg. strength. This gets me a good night's sleep even if my pain levels are high.

Folks with sciatica and other intense nerve pain may not realize significant relief.