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Decorative Crutch Skins in Fashion Prints & Colors AS IS

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Color: Black

Crutch Skins for forearm crutches are lycra fabric that stretches over your crutches to hide wear or make a fashion statement.

Now you can match your mood or your outfit. I personally love the ocelot skin, and do I get a lot of compliments! Some people think they are real skins.

We worked together with "Broken Beauties" to develop these very attractive covers for forearm crutches. Actually they are high quality photo prints on Lycra four way stretch fabric.

Crutch Skins are easy to install. They stretch to fit snugly over a wide range of forearm crutches and are easily shortened with a snip of the scissors. Crutch Skins™ will make your crutches warm and soft to the touch even in the cold. They will also protect against scratching things up. So give your old beat-up crutches an amazing makeover and try a pair.

Sold in pairs only.