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These self-assembled Euro-Style aluminum crutches are the lightest forearm crutches in the world, weighing just 1 lb. while providing support for users 5' to 6'4" and up to 220 lb. They are a fantastic choice for both adults and kids!

The patented design and unique curved shape improve your comfort, thereby avoiding tendinitis and other hand, wrist, and arm pain.

The ergonomic padded grip helps prevent calluses on your hands making these Euro-style forearm crutches incredibly comfortable to use.

Because the crutches have no adjustment holes, they are FOREVER SILENT, giving you confidence to move freely. Plus the crutch body, arm cuffs and handgrips are guaranteed with a 4 year warranty.

These beautiful crutches are available in 3 sizes and 4 fashion colors: Titanium Grey, Zen Blue, Jupiter Purple and Electric Orange. Handgrips available in Black.

Every pair includes our revolutionary Tornado Air Fatigue-Reducing Crutch Tips, a $37.95 value!

These are the crutch tips you know and love. Here's why --

  • Weigh just 2.2 oz. -- 50% less to reduce fatigue.
  • Highly wet-slip resistant to greatly reduce falling on wet surfaces.
  • Reduce long-term shoulder damage thanks to enhanced comfort & shock absorption.
  • Are Latex Free to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions.
  • Come with the Thomas Fetterman Gold Star * Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Choose from 2 Euro-Style Cuffs!

The flip cuff option provides incredible versatility.

  • Closed position allows you to use your arms freely so the crutches won't fall when opening a door.
  • Open position is the perfect choice for routine walking.

The fixed, front-opening nylon belted cuff option is great for active kids and adults. 

  • Height adjustable for growing children and for a comfortable fit.
  • Forearm rests in the cuff’s cradle that provides strong lateral support and stability.
  • 1” wide adjustable nylon belt is attached to the front of the cuff that keeps the crutch from falling to the ground when you let go of the handgrip.

Shipped ready to assemble. It's easy! Just watch this short video.

You'll be done in just 3 steps using 1 Allen wrench that we include with your order.

Plus... our low price includes FREE Shipping & Handling within the Continental US.

Try these strong, lightweight, ergonomic, and fashionable forearm crutches for yourself!

These are the forearm crutches you have been hoping for. Try them now at this unprecedented price -- including Tornado Air Crutch Tips -- $37.95 value!

Warranty: 4 years on crutch body, arm cuffs and handgrips. (Does not include silicone handgrip covers or crutch tips.)

$395 / pair

Including Tornado Air Crutch Tips and shipping and handling within the Continental US.

Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.