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How to Walk with a Cane on Level Ground

Here's How to Walk with a Cane on Level Ground:

  • Scoot to the edge of your chair.
  • Place cane in hand opposite of the injured or painful leg.
  • Stand up from the chair.
  • Move cane forward 12-18 inches.
  • Step forward with the leg opposite of cane until the foot is directly across from the cane.
  • Opposite leg and the hand with cane should now be parallel to each other.
  • Now step forward with your other leg on the cane side of the body.
  • This leg should step forward past the cane and leg opposite of the cane.
  • Congratulations, you have just completed a step cycle.
  • To continuing walking, move cane ahead again.
  • Go back to step five.
  • Stop when you reach your desired destination.
  • Scoot back to the edge of the chair.
  • Feel the back of the chair against your leg.
  • Move hurt or weak leg forward and then reach back with your hands for the chair armrests to sit down and rest!


Remove all loose throw rugs around the house to prevent falls. Don't use the cane on the same side of hurt or weak leg. Replace rubber cane tips when worn.

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