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Learn How Thomas Invented the World's Favorite Crutch Tip

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Hundreds of Amazon customers rank Thomas Fetterman Crutch Tips with 4.9 stars!

My name is Rich P and have been a customer for years. I have a set of your titanium forearms. Love them so much, I want another set. The incredible improvement of your forearm part of the crutch over production crutches is the factor. No wiggle. No energy lost. Better balance. No skin degradation.
-Rich P
I received my new crutches (Litestix aluminum) in early November and have used them continuously since then. I am very happy with them. They make walking easier and less painful. They are much lighter than my old crutches so I do not tire as quickly. I now go for long walks with my dog. I was not able to do this in the past. Thank you very much for the thoughtfulness that you put into their manufacturering and the speed in their delivery. My best wishes to you and your fine company.
-Virginia S
I have had Cerebral Palsy since birth. My cousin, who is a physical therapist, suggested that I try your crutch tips. I feel that he couldn't have made a better choice. Your product has really made a difference. The improved traction has decreased my tendency to fall on slippery surfaces. My balance when using stairs without handrails has also improved.
-Maria B