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Our Peace Tips are a marvel of engineering
and the power of sharing.

Imagine yourself walking without crutch tips. Slippery and dangerous. Unforgiving and uncomfortable. Brutal on your hands, arms and shoulders…especially for the long haul.

Now imagine enduring all that as an amputee athlete.
(Click here to view amputee soccer players in action.)

In many countries crutch tips are simply not available. International amputee soccer players are forced to compete without the stability and security of crutch tips... turning a tough sport into a very dangerous one.

Which is why I created Peace Tips!

Starting with our unique Tornado Tip, we formulated the Peace Tip
to combine natural latex rubber with micronized silica to be flexible
and provide extremely long wear.


Peace Tips are designed to be extremely durable because the cost of getting them to those in need is often as great as the cost to manufacture them. They HAVE TO last!

Ordinary crutch tips will last a week to two months or so.

Peace Tips last years.

With the help of donations, we have been able to outfit several International Soccer League teams with Peace Tips.

Our Peace Partner Fred Sorrells (rear) has hand carried hundreds of Peace Tips to various teams over the past five years.

Read more about the history of the Haiti Amputee Soccer league here.

Fred Sorrels recently met Benito (right), a Cuban special needs coach working in the Dominican Republic. Benito coaches Angela (left) in track and now she is the #1 candidate for the DR national women's amputee soccer goalkeeper.

Fred Sorrels led a workshop in the Philippines and the Dominican Republic with the theme "Amputee Soccer -- more than a game, it's a lifestyle." Universities and upper level sports officials attended.

Peace Tips are extending their reach around the globe!

We recently made a huge beginning to the amputee football program in Jamaica.

Shown is Fred Sorrels (center) with two starters for the new men’s team. He was thanked profusely by the athletes who have been waiting for a long time for something exciting like amputee football. The search for the women players has started too.

So another country with Peace Tips!

Click to watch this video of Ashley Sundquist reporting from Camp Possible in the Dominican Republic.

A donation of just $10 will pay for a pair of Peace Tips to be manufactured,
shipped, and hand-delivered to a fellow crutch user in need.

Peace Tips are configured with the Peace Sign in the treads
so each imprint leaves the message of Peace.

The appreciation and gratitude shown by Peace Tips recipients will put a warm spot in your heart and a smile on your face. Even better, the recipient will value and appreciate the gift for years.

Your donations will be processed through Operation Go Quickly, a registered nonprofit organization. Any donation of $10 or more is tax deductible.

None of us working to support this mission make a penny in the process. Please help us spread the peace!

Thank you for your donation of any amount.

It all adds up.