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"These are my 'Stealth' crutches . . . I think they were developed as an offshoot of B-2 technology . . . I like them quite a lot."

-President Bill Clinton

"I received my new Titanium Custom Shepherds Crutches a few days ago. I had requested an exact copy of the same pair I ordered from you back in 2004 (yes, almost 20 years ago!). I am very happy to report that they came out perfectly duplicated and very professionally crafted in every way! I am a very, very happy customer. It’s nice to see that there are still some people left in America that do great, honorable work and get it done right the first time!! Please pass along my appreciation to all involved. THANK YOU!!"

-Howard Braff

"These crutches are great and are working well for me and suiting my needs. At first there was some discomfort with the cuff on my left arm with the new style and at first the handle felt like it was at an awkward angle and could only quickly grab the end of it. With some time, practice, and some posture adjustment I am getting the hang of them and they’re working. They feel really sleek and less bulky than aluminum crutches and the tornado crutch tips provide awesome weight balancing. Not too light, not too heavy. I am also really enjoying the absolute silence of them. No clinks, clanks, or clacks! My only gripe, but a minor one, is these would be really cool in a darker gray like charcoal gray. Maybe next time in 10 years. Thank you so much Caren for working so closely with me through this endeavor and double checking that everything was correct. Also please thank the crutch building team for making this possible and thank Thomas F., the owner, for developing such a quality product that really caters to a crutch users needs. This is truly an uncompromising product that is already bearing fruit in improving my quality of life."

-Robin B.

"I just wanted to let you know that the Titanium Litestix are amazing. Since I received them my mobility has increased 100%.  I must say they are a in a league all their own compared to my other crutches. I have been using them for daily activities and for light hiking. Again thank you and have a great day."

-Bobby M.

"I love a good crutch but my needs are different and having a foldable, and easily stowed crutch is important for me. Fetterman's is the place to go for crutches, and especially their great anti- slip, well-wearing crutch and cane tips!"

-Nancy B.

"I have been using forearm crutches for 40 years, ever since a sports accident. I can't believe the number of crap tips I wore out/tore up before I found Tornado Gel Tips at a brick and mortar store. By the time I needed replacements, the store was gone. You have no idea how glad I am to have found your website.  Thank you, Mr. Fetterman!"

-Herbert H.

"I have been using crutches since 1994 and I was going through 2-4 sets of the readily available "cheapo" tips, at roughly $4-$7/ pair every month until I found Fetterman a few years ago. I used my first set of Tornado Crutch Tips for well over 2 years on all types of terrain: rock, sand, mud, gravel, grass, asphalt, tile floors - I literally and physically abused these things and they took it! ... simply the best there is!! So.. if you or someone you know uses crutches or a cane...get these tips!! I later got Fetterman Hand Grips and have had same pair on for 3 years and still as good as when I installed them! Another slam dunk by Fetterman!! Thank you Thomas Fetterman for quality, dependable and SAFE products that make life better for all of us who need them!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!"

- Troy D

"Just received my new custom made Titanium Light Stix forearm crutches and took them out for a cruise the other night and they performed perfectly. What a beautiful and well-made product that far exceeded my expectations. For the first time in my long career in cane and crutch use I actually felt comfortable using a mobility device. I actually felt like I was gliding over the ground and the padded grips were super comfortable as were the gel filled Tornado Tips which I have used for awhile now -- but they never felt so good on my cheap crutches as they did on those Titanium beauties. They are the perfect weight and solid as a rock to say nothing of how handsome they are!  I want to thank you, sir, for dedicating your life to improving mobility devices such as crutch tips and crutches. Your vast experience and ingenuity have made countless peoples’ lives easier and more comfortable. You have made a believer out of me and a life long customer. Again thank you!"

-Floyd S

"I have been on crutches since the late nineties. A couple years ago I found your company and have been a very satisfied customer ever since. My Spina Bifida has caused me to have to use crutches to get around. I have learned to get around on them very well, and am very active on them. Using a standard crutch tip I was having to replace them every month. But with your Tornado Tips GT Gel-Filled Crutch Tips I am have been getting about 6 months of usage out of them before I have to replace them, which is great. They also feel more solid and do not slip as easy, which makes me feel safer while i am doing my activities."

-Matthew M

"I received my new crutches yesterday and they have surpassed all expectations. They are so well crafted and beautifully made.  Thank you all for the work you do and making many of our lives more comfortable and easier."

-Katherine E

"I wanted to personally thank you! I realize that sometimes emails tend to be on a negative note but I realized I had not thanked you for the remarkable service you and your company have provided for me. I am a polio survivor.  I have been using your LiteStix for at least 15 years now. Before I had been using Guardian adjustable. Before their manufacturing was moved internationally I was seeing at most 4 years before the crutches failed. After the shift, it was 3 months and in one case 1 month. I was desperate and happened on your site. The crutches and your crutch tips have made an enormous difference in my life. I no longer worry about crutch failure and  the number slips with your tips is now extremely rare."

-David L

"I just want to say that, in my opinion, your company sells the absolute best crutch tips I have ever used. I'm a very active amputee and have had to replace the basic crutch tips at least one pair per month for almost 24 years until I bought my first Tornado Gel Rain Tips eight months ago. I just ordered a second set just in case my first set finally wears out. Thanks again for making such an awesome product."

-John M

"I have had Cerebral Palsy since birth. My cousin, who is a physical therapist, suggested that I try your crutch tips. I feel that he couldn't have made a better choice. Your product has really made a difference. The improved traction has decreased my tendency to fall on slippery surfaces. My balance when using stairs without handrails has also improved."

-Maria B

"Dear Mr. Fetterman, I received my new crutches (Litestix aluminum) in early November and have used them continuously since then. I am very happy with them. They make walking easier and less painful. They are much lighter than my old crutches so I do not tire as quickly. I now go for long walks with my dog. I was no able to do this in the past. Thank you very much for the thoughtfulness that you put into their manufacturer and the speed in their delivery. My best wishes to you and your fine company. Sincerely,"

-Virginia S

"I have had my current crutch tips (tornados) for 2.5 year - my all time record - "normal" ones usually last 3 months max. Tornado crutch tips are safer, kinder on the joints and they keep going, and going, and going... - what more could I ask for. As an AK amputee who uses crutches for all recreational activities and hiking, an active mom of 2 young kids and a physical therapist, I have had lots of opportunity to educate people about Fetterman crutches and crutch tips - those who have followed my advice, have all been very satisfied with your products. Thanks again for your good work and products. Good luck."

-Anja P

"Hello there!
I just wanted you to know that I was very skeptical last fall when I visited Thomas Fetterman and was measured for my new lite sticks crutches. My husband was pushing me to consider these because of a shoulder problem that I developed after > 40 years on crutches. I hate all appointments having to do with braces and crutches and, as charming as Mr. Fetterman was, I was depressed the rest of the day (even though on vacation). "

"I have to tell you that these little crutches have really grown on me. They have several great features: they are silent (new to me), and light, and strong. The tips are wonderful too. I love the cuffs, I can more confidently walk into the crystal section of the department store and use escalators with much less terror over the possibility of dropping a crutch and trying to grab it before I reach the next level. In addition, I work at a psychiatric hospital inside the jail in Los Angeles, so as you might imagine, I really don't want to slip and fall onto that floor. These are issues which are huge to me, and even well-intentioned friends and family have no idea.
Just wanted to say thank you so much. "


"Hello, I have been buying your Tornado tips for some time and love them. I am a pirate with a wooden peg leg and I use is on the tip of my peg leg. It takes a massive amount of the shock out when I step down and they last much much longer that a standard tip. Hey, you might want to check out my web site and see how your Tornado Tips are keeping a peg leg pirate standing. "

-Thanks, Captain Jim

"I should have emailed you sooner. I ordered new crutches from you, the Warm Springs type, and I should have gotten them years ago. My clothes no longer get black under the arms as they did with my other ones. There are no brads on the cuffs to tear my clothes. I love the flexible upper cuffs because when I bend down they cradle my arm. And I love the crutch tips. And the velcroed leather."

"Thanks for making a superb product!!!"

-Kathy E

"Joan Alice has already paid her entry fee for the Bisbee 1000, and she and her crutches have put in hours of training."

"Don’t try to talk her out of it. Her mind is made up on LiteStix Titainium!"

"I recently started hearing about your Tornado tips on the web and found them at my local medical supply store and decided to give them a try. I have only been using them about a month now and I have to say without question they are THE BEST tips I have EVER owned!"

"I could immediately feel a difference walking and the pivoting tip really gives a solid contact with the ground even on wet surfaces. I live in Florida so we get a lot of rain in the summer and with my old tips I always had to walk carefully across wet pavement, especially parking lots where there is oil runoff, but with your tips I have much more confidence and have yet to even come close to slipping."

"I don't know how long before I'll need to purchase another set, from what I've read it could be awhile compared to the 2-3 months with my old sets, but when I do the Tornado's will be the only ones I'll ever buy again! I have recommended then to everyone I know who uses crutches."

"Thank you for creating such an amazing advance in tips!"

-Tony H

"I purchased a pair of your Telescoping Travel Crutches a few years ago. The traveling I do is on horseback, riding an average of 500 a season in the Colorado Rockies and Utah's canyon country. Thanks to your travel crutch I can take my mobility to places most able bodied people never go! Here is me and my horse Jypsi at 12,500 near Silverton, Colorado. You can see my travel crutch tied on behind my saddle:"

"Here is another one at about 12,000 feet (you can see my crutch peeking out):"

"Thanks for a great product! "

-Sarah R

"In the past year I had to use crutches for five months. Everyday was a struggle with wrist and hand pain. Knowing that I was going to need additional surgery that would have me using crutches for three to four additional months I searched for products to make using crutches more comfortable. I found your sight and ordered your hand grips and tornado tips. I added them to my $35. Crutches. I am currently one month into my 2nd round of using crutches. I have had no hand or wrist pain and finding using crutches much easier then last round. I would recommend your tips and hand grips to anyone who needs to use crutches short term or long term."

-Sincerely, Darryl P

"I have had titanium crutches for more than a year now. They are great!!! They have held up beautifully. I snowmobile with them strapped to the side of the snowmobile. I use them outdoors, on the 4weeler… I really put them through lots of abuse and they have held up to it all. They still look new. Not just the titanium but also the grips and forearm cuffs. I also like the ice grips, living in northern Michigan I use them almost every day. Thanks for making such a good product!!! "

-Drew D

"It's been three (3) weeks now that I have been enjoying the use of the crutches that your office made. I really had a lot of comfort and mobility in terms of the weight (I accustomed myself in using the heavy stainless steel). I also appreciate the size of the performance rubber tips, it helps a lot in terms of stability and traction.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful innovative gift for a disabled person like me. How I wish that more of the guys like me in this country [Philippines] will have the same privilege of using crutches like this."

-Rommel V

"Hey Thomas,
I thought you'd like to know that your Titanium Lite Sticks ran the Indianapolis Mini Marathon last Saturday. It is the largest 13.1 mile run in the world. Oh, BTW, I was attached to the crutches every mile of the way! There's a finish line photo attached."

-Rai P

"My name is Rich P and have been a customer for years. I have a set of your titanium forearms. Love them so much, I want another set. The incredible improvement of your forearm part of the crutch over production crutches is the factor. No wiggle. No energy lost. Better balance. No skin degradation."

-Rich P

"I received my new titanium forearm crutches a couple of weeks ago. I had put off buying them for several years thinking that there couldn’t be that much difference. I was wrong. These are great and in the long run will be less expensive than the adjustable ones that were worn out in four months. Thanks again for a good product!"


"It has been about three months since my titanium crutches arrived here in
Venezuela. At first, I was a bit worried with the cuffs hooking around the arms and clinging to the arms, even in the event of a fall new crutches the first few days, when I panicked and thought the cuffs should just be wide open, like most crutches. But I cannot tell you how fortunate I am to have crutches like these. They really work well and I feel so much more confident that I not only believe I am more active now, but have improved physically as well. I want to thank Mr. Fetterman for these developments, especially in the tips, which are in deed quite extraordinary. The crutches overall are fantastic, sturdy, quiet and light. The tips are both durable and versatile, as they bend depending on the surface and angle of crutch."

"They are reliable to the extent that I have gone hiking for the first time in
5 years. Can you believe this? This is because they are very well made, dependable, and give total confidence of adherence and sustainment as I place the crutches on different types of surfaces."
"I appreciate your time and effort in having them prepared so quickly. I am so happy I just felt it was only fair I share these thoughts with you. "

-Fernando C

"I feel much more secure now when walking on your crutch tips, and sure that they have saved me from falling many times. One time the crutch started to slip out from under me on a wet spot on a tile floor, but the wonderful tips flexed, staying flat and caught on the 'dry tile.'"

-Dick Q

"Dear Sir, I received my custom pair of titanium shepherds, custom fitted crutches and I am absolutely thrilled with them. As an RAK and LAE amputee, the lightness of these crutches enables me to glide forward with more ease and comfort. Thank you so very much for coming through with a pair of life-long companions."

-Mario G