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Tornado Tips GT Gel-Filled Ultra Durable Crutch Tips (pair)


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Tornado Tips GT gel-filled crutch tips provide shock-absorbing comfort and effective joint protection. We make them with high-quality rubber for superior flexibility, aggressive ground engagement, and extremely long wear.

My patented Tornado Tips Gel Crutch Tips have a thick shock-absorbing Absorbalite™ gel core. They are hand-assembled in a 12 step process using #1 quality natural rubber. Our formula has only 10% clay filler mixed-in versus 40-60% filler with other major brands. We add micronized silica for durability. Two coats of bonding agent are painted onto the large 1-1/4" steel disk before being molded inside each tip so it stays centered.

Tornado Tips Gel Crutch Tips engineered pivoting action enables more of the bottom of these tips to engage the ground for amazing traction, even at very steep crutch angles. Tornado Tips GT tips have a 2" base diameter and weigh 4.4 ounces each. Tornado Tips will out-wear ordinary tips 3 to 5 times over.

Fits crutch shafts from 3/4" to 1"
Item #: 942GT
Color: Black
Price is for a PAIR of crutch tips

Please contribute just $5.00 to give a pair of super-durable Peace Crutch Tips to our fellow lifelong crutch users in Developing Nations. They will be grateful for a very, very long time.

Please go to our Peace Crutch Tip Program to only takes a minute.

For our Canadian Tornado Gel Tip customers: Please check our tips out on

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