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The crutches designed to maximize your comfort, support and stability!

The elegant, curvaceous, lightweight Carbon Fiber crutches each weigh just 1 lb. yet will support up to 220 lbs. The patented design and unique curved shape help you avoid tendinitis and other hand, wrist, and arm pain. The carbon fiber body and hand grips are sourced in Spain. We customize every crutch with Fetterman elements you know and trust to maximize your comfort, support, and stability.

We are now including our new magnetic KissGrips addition to the Indesmed handles (a $49.00 value.) Scroll down to read more about KissGrips. 

"I continue to be stunned at how light they are. It really changes the walking experience. There are quick actions I can perform much faster. They look fantastic, so great for going in public ... they are my new go-to crutch for 80% of daily use."  
- Josh Sundquist

A collaboration between Spain’s Indesmed and USA’s Thomas Fetterman, Inc.

Few companies are better suited to collaborate and use real world experiences to innovate crutches.

An Indesmed founder, Rafael Vidal, was one of the few survivors of the serious Spanair plane crash in Madrid in 2008. Already a young engineer, his reliance on crutches during his recovery led him to a deeper understanding of the needs of long-term crutch users.

Thomas Fetterman has been using crutches since being struck with Polio in 1953. In 1988, he invented and patented a new crutch tip technology with a built-in shock absorbing system. The overwhelming success enabled him to develop Performance Gel Filled Handgrips, Padded Leather Cuff Inserts, and finally LiteStix Arm Cuffs from injection molded nylon.

The Black Phantom Carbon Fiber Crutches bring together the best each company has to offer. Indesmed’s lightweight carbon fiber body and handgrips paired with Thomas Fetterman, Inc.’s LiteStix Arm Cuffs with Fetterman Padded Leather Cuff Inserts and Tornado Air Fatigue-Reducing Crutch Tips.

Customized to your specifications -- from cuff to tip.

We customize the arm cuff and post assembly and we cut the tubes to your exact requirements. (You provide measurements at checkout. We'll guide you through the process.)

We correctly position and install the handgrips that include black silicone coverings for ultimate comfort.

We then install our LiteStix Arm Cuff to your correct size along with black padded leather cuff Inserts.

"My LiteStix arm cuffs work the best for me. As I have gotten older I need the wrap-around support that my super dependable cuffs provide. I know that many of you who already own my LiteStix custom crutches love their stability, fully articulating cuff, pop-in entry and exit and their comfort."

Thomas Fetterman

Including our newest invention FREE!
KissGrips Magnetic Grips -- $49 value!

KissGrips lock the crutches together in a goal-post configuration that enables them to be easily and securely leaned against walls, counters, and tables without sliding down and crashing to the floor. KissGrips are covered with a black highly reflective sticker that enhances nighttime safety. A $49 value included FREE!

Including our revolutionary
Tornado Air Fatigue-Reducing Crutch Tips!

These are the crutch tips you know and love.

  • Weigh just 2.2 oz. -- 50% less to reduce fatigue.
  • Highly wet-slip resistant to greatly reduce falling on wet surfaces.
  • Reduce long-term shoulder damage thanks to enhanced comfort & shock absorption.
  • Latex Free to reduce or eliminate allergic reactions.
  • Tornado Air Tips come with the Thomas Fetterman Gold Star * Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

We also include a pair of black PVC Door Guards to protect the bottom 6” of the crutch from damage while holding doors open.

You receive custom-made, fully-assembled crutches and
FREE Shipping & Handling within the Continental US.

Experience the custom carbon fiber difference for yourself!

These Black Phantom Carbon Fiber Crutches are the most advanced and lightest custom forearm crutches in the world. They carry a 4-year warranty on the Carbon Fiber crutch body, handgrips, and Fetterman LiteStix Arm Cuffs and posts.*

$1,050 - $1,070 / pair

Including FREE KissGrips Magnetic Grips. FREE shipping and handling within the Continental US and Canada.

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. As with all custom items, the crutches are non-returnable.

* Warranty does not include silicone hand-grip covers, crutch tips, and padded leather cuff inserts.