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Tornado RT Gel Rain Tips Clearance Items

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Sold as is. May have cosmetic imperfections but are fully functional.

Tornado Tips RT give you the same shock absorbing qualities, superior flexibility, better ground contact and longer wear as our original Tornado Gel Tips but with greatly enhanced slip-resistance on wet floors.

Tornado Tips RT have a thick shock absorbing Absorbalite ™ gel core with the important addition of our proprietary, highly wet-slip resistant rain disk that we bond onto the tread. Their wet-slip resistance is unequaled…over 300% more wet traction than any rubber tips we’ve tested. They have enhanced traction on dry surfaces as well.

While not slip-proof, Tornado Tips RT will greatly reduce the number of crutch related falls caused by wet smooth surfaces. If Tornado Tips RT keep you from falling just once…wouldn't they be worth the extra cost? Personally, I won't leave home without them! And you’ll be amazed at how long they last.

Tornado Tips RT tips have a 2" base diameter and weigh 4.6 ounces each. The addition of the grey disk will only increase the height of the tip by 3/16". They will reduce falls and protect you hands, arms and shoulders from negative ground impact forces. Tornado Tips RT will wear 3-5 times longer than ordinary crutch tips.

Fits crutch shafts from 3/4" to 1"

Color: Black w/ gray tread

Price is for a PAIR of clearance crutch tips