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Titanium LiteStix Custom Shepherds Crutches (pair)


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SKU 822-T-1

Custom Measurements

Titanium LiteStix Custom Shepherds Crutches are shock-absorbing, light-weight, durable, silent and strong. They come with slip resistant crutch tips and a 10-Year warranty. Price is for a pair.

These graceful single pole crutches are designed after the now discontinued Lumex Shepherds crutches.

LiteStix Titanium Shepherds Crutches are made with 100% titanium. The entire crutch is formed using our advanced uni-body construction. The handle post is beautifully welded (TiSport welders have a minimum of 10 years experience) directly to the crutch shaft, adding considerable strength and durability and eliminating all rivets, nuts and bolts for a snag-proof, sleek look. When tested by an independent lab, the handle post held a staggering 1870 lbs. Beautifully milled solid brass end-plugs are press-fitted and epoxied into the end holes of the crutch tubes making them water tight and adding quality and richness.

Titanium has the ability to flex under dynamic loading. It absorbs shock and dampens vibration to protect our upper body for the long haul. Plus you get the shock absorbing qualities of our gel crutch tips.

These Shepherds Crutches come with replaceable black padded urethane foam underarm sleeves.

Performance Gel Hand Grips

Designed to provide your upper body with comfort and protection. Finger notches provide a good grip with minimal energy expenditure. Designed to fill the Palmar arch of the hand to reduce fatigue and add comfort. They can be used with either hand.

Tornado RT or Performance RT Rain Tips

The crutches are available with your choice of Fetterman Tornado RT Rain Slip Resistant Crutch Tips or Performance RT Gel Rain Crutch TipsThese amazing tips are 300% more wet-slip resistant than ordinary tips. While they are not slip proof, they will give you an extreme advantage when walking on smooth wet surfaces. They absorb over 80% of the negative crutch shock and they will last 3 to 5 times longer than ordinary rubber crutch tips.

Two Finish Options

Natural Luster bead blasted titanium crutches will look great indefinitely because there is no anodizing or paint to scratch off and it will not rust or corrode from fresh or saltwater. Titanium’s harder surface will not mar as easily as aluminum or paint. Bead blasting enhances titanium’s handsome warm tones. Maintain with soap and water then wipe dry with a cloth and apply a coat of wax. Black Powder Coat is a heat baked black enamel finish that while not as durable as Natural Luster, it is easily maintained with a permanent black marker.

To order send us a tracing of your existing crutch and fill in the order form with all your vital statistics. Please measure your crutch carefully according to our measuring instructions and write them on your tracing. Indicate the direction you want your thumb and index fingers to face on the grip -- toward or away form the crutch pole. Put measurements on the tracing as shown on the order form.

Click for directions about how to measure for custom crutches.

Titanium LiteStix Custom Shepherds Crutches are covered by a 10 Year Guarantee on the titanium crutch body, handle post, and post assembly.

Maximum user weight 350 pounds.

Allow 6-10 weeks for delivery.