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Crutch Tips

Patented Highly Wet-Slip Resistant Tread Greatly Reduces Slipping Especially On Wet Surfaces.
Tornado gel filled crutch tips provide shock absorbing comfort and effective joint protection.
Tornado Rain Tips give you the same shock absorbing qualities, superior flexibility, better ground contact and longer wear as our original Tornado Gel Tips but with greatly enhanced slip-resistance on wet floors.
Performance Gel Crutch Tips give you shock absorbing qualities with high quality rubber for superior flexibility, better ground contact and longer wear.
Performance RT (Rain Tips) give you the same great shock absorbing qualities, superior flexibility, better ground contact and longer wear, as our original Performance Gel Tips but with greatly enhanced wet-slip-resistance on wet floors.
Tornado Solid Body Crutch Tips are made with high grade rubber for superior flexibility, better ground contact and extremely longer wear.
Tornado Solid Body Rain Tips have our proprietary rain disk formula bonded over the tread making them over 300% more wet slip resistant than any rubber tip we have tested. They have excellent traction on dry surfaces as well.

My patented Tornado and Performance gel filled tips are hand assembled in a 12 step process using the best quality natural rubber with only 10% clay mixed in, as versus 40-60% clay mixture in other major brands.

Hand Grips

Endurance Hand Grip

The Endurance Grips are a slim forearm crutch handgrips are made of a firm rubber.

Fetterman Leather Saddle Grips

Fetterman Leather Saddle Grips are very comfortable handgrips designed to fill the "palmar arch" of our hands.

Performance Gel Filled Hand Grip

Performance Gel Hand Grips are shock-absorbing crutch hand grips that reduce fatigue and enable you to stay mobile longer.

Poron Underarm Crutch Hand Grips

Poron Underarm Crutch Hand Grips will help protect your hands and shoulders from crutch shock saving you energy and increasing your mobility.

Right Grips

Right Grips are ergonomically designed to fit the right and left hand specifically.

Walk Easy Model 495 Adjustable Forearm Crutches in Colors with Free Padded Leather Cuff Inserts (pair)

Walk Easy model 495 is an economical adjustable forearm crutch that comes in many colors. This European aluminum lightweight crutch weighs in at slightly less than 2 pounds per crutch. The Ergo Grips fit the right and left hands individually so the crutches cannot be switched from hand- to-hand. The grip holds the hand so the wrist is not bent as much as a regular grip. The grips are also tilted up so the weight tends towards the heel of the hand where there is the most padding.

I found that the angle of the cuff was too steep. This made the back of my arm feel uncomfortable and I felt my center of balance to be too far behind the crutch. To remedy both of these problems I added a set of my padded leather cuff inserts (a $42.00 value) for comfort and to move my center of gravity forward so I was more on top of the crutch handles. The cuff inserts also can easily be pulled out to give more room when wearing bulky winter coats. I also install a pair of Tornado GT (Gel Tips) on every pair of Walk-Easy crutches we sell. Tornado GT crutch tips are super durable…you will be amazed how long they wear. They are hand fabricated in the USA with a built-in shock absorbing center made of Absorbalite Gel. This gel eats up to 80% of the negative ground impact forces that otherwise would be absorbed by your body. They are very flexible and articulate to engage the full bottom of the tip with the ground for positive traction. Tornado tips are comfortable to the extreme and represent a $29.95 value!

Colors: Burgundy, Coal (Black), Deep Blue, Forest Green, Lavender, Pastel Gray (Colors subject to availability.)

Height adjustable grip to floor from 29 1/2” to 41 1/2” and grip to top of cuff from 9 1/2” to 11 1/2”.

User weight limit is 300 pounds.

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery

Price for a PAIR


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