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Life is full of battles. Give yourself an edge.

Aches and pains can appear at the most inopportune times, interrupting our daily routines. CBD Stat products are designed to provide convenient, powerful wellness and pain relief to help you face life head on.

The powerful, natural benefits of CBD can truly make a difference in your daily life. CBD Stat products are strong and effective against arthritis pain while being easy to use and affordable.

Here is what Tom Fetterman has to say about CBD Stat products:

"CBD Stat has quickly become my new go-to for pain relief because it is powerful. Plus --

  • There is no odor, and it does not stain my clothing.
  • It has absolutely no psychoactive ingredient (THC).
  • I like that it is available in five different delivery systems. I use them all!

Scroll down to learn more. And consult our handy chart that helps you choose the right formulas for you."

CBD Stat is manufactured in Springfield, a small picturesque town nestled in Vermont's Green Mountains. It is THC-free and available in a variety of formulations for specific arthritis pain.


All CBD Stat products are carefully manufactured to be THC-free.


High dosage products for maximum results.


A cutting-edge process allows CBD State to offer the best value on the market.


cGMP compliant manufacturing and third party laboratory tested for purity.

Choose the best formula to fight your arthritis pain.

Pain Location Calming Cream Massaging Salve Muscle Roll On Oil Drops Warming Salve

Pain and stiffness in hands

Shoulder pain

Knee pain

Face, hands, and feet

Difficulty sleeping


CBD Stat Calming Cream absorbs quickly and delivers strong, restorative relief. Smooth on affected areas, especially your hands, at any time of day to help you power through pesky aches and pains.

Perfectly formulated cream combined with powerful CBD. 3 fl. ounces.

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CBD Stat Massaging Salve is your secret weapon to bouncing back like a champ. Amazing for full body relief during massages. Safe for face, hand, and feet applications.

Powerful CBD combined with unscented salve. 2 oz.

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CBD Stat Muscle Roll On applies easily over achy muscles and joints. You'll feel a soothing icy sensation & instant relief.

Muscle Roll On is simply the easiest way to apply relief -- making it very convenient for arthritis sufferers. 2 oz.

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CBD Oil can be used for multiple benefits including an overall calming effect, all-day relief from discomfort, and a more restful, restorative sleep. Great for pets, too. Natural Flavor. Includes a dosing chart to guide you. 1 fl. oz.

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Powerful CBD combined with ancient herbal ingredients. It supplies a warming effect & amazing for massaging into trouble areas. From your first smell of the ancient herbs to feeling the slow-building warmth on your body, you can be confident this CBD Warming Salve will win your heart & joints. 5000 mg. 2 ounces.

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I have been using this product for awhile. I recently had partial knee replacement in November and have been applying twice a day since and there is no doubt in my mind and body that this product is helping in the recovery!!

I’ve used their product for 3 months now! Absolutely love the pain relief it gives me! Easily apply roll on to my back and in minutes the pain subsides!

CBD Stat has been a lifesaver for me. I suffer with neck and shoulder pain for many years. I started to use CBD Stat a few weeks ago. I now can say I finally have relief. Try this product and get relief.

My 93 year old grandmother has gone through 2 surgeries for L1 and L2 fractures. She just got back home to the cape and has been using lidocaine patches for uncomfortable pain she still has. Yesterday she asked me if I still had that “rolling ball cream”. 24hrs after using it she said it works better then the patch! What a great product.

I’ve had great results on wrist and hand pain associated with RA.

I am using the CBD oil drops 5000mgs for both night time rest and have found that in small dose it works tremendously well during the day for calming and anxiety symptoms. I have a high stress level job and this has been nothing short of a miracle. Very impressed.