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15% OFF! Fetterman Luggage Hitch for Crutches

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The Fetterman Luggage Hitch is a heavy Velcro strap that loops around the handle of your rolling luggage and connects it to your crutch to make traveling easier.

As it's said…"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." My 13-year-old daughter, Alexis, came up with this great little invention that works wonders when traveling. We call it the Luggage Hitch. It is a simple Velcro strap that attaches your rolling suitcase or attaché case to your crutch in seconds.

The industrial strength strap loops around the crutch shaft just above the handgrip. The two ends then attach to the pull handle of the wheeled luggage. Now your rolling luggage will follow you around like a well trained pet…when you turn a corner, it turns with you…all with no hands involved. When you get to your destination, just tug on the strap and off it comes. I have found that pulling my luggage around is much easier and less exhausting than using a backpack.

So Alexis and I have made this up into a little kit ready for use. You are welcome to go to the store and buy your own Velcro and rig something up or you can buy it ready made from us. We'd be ever so pleased if you'd buy one because Alexis's college fund could sure use the money.

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