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A collaboration between Spain’s Indesmed and USA’s Thomas Fetterman, Inc.

Few companies are better suited to collaborate and use real world experiences to innovate crutches.

An Indesmed founder, Rafael Vidal, was one of the few survivors of the serious Spanair plane crash in Madrid in 2008. Already a young engineer, his reliance on crutches during his recovery led him to a deeper understanding of the needs of long-term crutch users.

Thomas Fetterman has been using crutches since being struck with Polio in 1953. In 1988, he invented and patented a new crutch tip technology with a built-in shock absorbing system. The overwhelming success enabled him to develop Performance Gel Filled Handgrips, Padded Leather Cuff Inserts, and finally LiteStix Arm Cuffs from injection molded nylon.

These Euro-Style Custom Forearm Crutches bring together the best each company has to offer. Indesmed’s lightweight carbon fiber or aluminum body crutches and handgrips paired with Thomas Fetterman, Inc.’s arm cuffs and Tornado Air Fatigue-Reducing Crutch Tips.

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