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UpLift™ Hydrolic Seat Lift Assist


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This device has been a great help to me. The activity that puts the most strain on my shoulders is transferring from the seated position to standing up.

The UpLift has a hydraulic cylinder that compress when you sit on the seat and lowers you down slowly as it captures and stores that energy.

When I go to stand up I lean forward and begin to lift myself up with my arms and the stored energy releases and lifts 80% of my body weight up, greatly reducing the stress on my shoulders. The UpLift has a carry handle and weighs only 9 pounds so I carry it from chair to chair.

It takes a little practice to learn to use the maximum lift power. Why not see if it helps you? If it doesn't, simply return it in re-sellable condition and I will refund your money minus shipping charges.


Please allow  2-3 Weeks for delivery