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CBD Stat Restorative Pain Relief

Hello, Thomas Fetterman here.

Since I was eight, I have been a full-time active crutch user due to contracting polio. That was over 68 years ago. In my mid 40's I started having shoulder pain. My doctor dubbed it 'overuse syndrome' and said it would worsen over time. He was right! Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with end-stage arthritis in both shoulders along with advanced carpal tunnel inflammation in both wrists. There is no surgical procedure that will work with my condition. Unabated, my level of pain continues to increase.

During the early years, I relied on Aleve and other painkillers for relief during the day and another dose to sleep at night. Unfortunately, I developed a bleeder in my stomach. My doctor told me to stop taking analgesics altogether. I had no choice but to find an alternative painkiller that does not harm my digestive system. Fortunately, I discovered CBD. I have been using it regularly for the last seven years with consistent pain relief and no adverse side effects.

During this period, I tried multiple brands of CBD and have discovered that they are not all the same. A fellow crutch-using friend sent me some of the brand-named CBD STAT. Quickly it has become my new go-to for pain relief because it is powerful. I use the 7500 mg. It is fast-working, long-lasting, and a good value.

  1. There is no odor, and it does not stain my clothing.
  2. It has absolutely no psychoactive ingredient (THC).
  3. I like that it is available in four different delivery systems. I use them all:

When I awaken in the morning, my wrists and fingers feel like the rusted "Tin Man." So, half-awake, I clutch the 7500 mg. Calming Cream. I pump one ribbon of cream into my hands and work it around my wrists, thumbs, and fingers until it disappears, leaving only a fragrant scent. In a few minutes, both hands are working fine without any pain.

Before I dun my shirt, I apply the 7500 mg. Muscle Roll-On. I roll it up and down my shoulders and biceps. It creates a cool, minty sensation and quickly evaporates, leaving only the absence of pain.

Before I go to sleep, my lovely wife Cate applies the 7500 mg. Massaging Salve to my shoulders and upper arms. That feels good, and it's very relaxing, so I achieve a night of sound sleep. 

All this with any analgesic pain killers!